Product design

Designing for trust

What is Editage? 

An author spends a considerable amount of time on thier research -- in some cases it’s synonymous with thier entire life.
Their skills lie in the subject area and the topic of the research but not necessarily writing a paper. They may then need assistance to correct the grammar & structure of the sentence so as to communicate their research efficiently.

Once the paper is perfectly edited, the process of getting published in a journal follows. One would assume that having a compelling research paper is enough for the journal to accept them -- but that’s not true. Journals usually have strict guidelines, formats and quality checks before they choose a paper. 

This is where Editage steps in. 

Editage is a platform where authors can shop for all these services to make thier life simpler. From editing their paper to translating it, to helping them select the right journal to writing a cover letter and more - Editage serves all the author's needs. 

All in all, Editage is the best friend the author never had. 

A platform that serves 729,000+ researchers from over 191 countries across 1,100 research fields.  

Editage that was... 

old website.jpg

2019 - Time for a makeover 

A business that ran well for 17 years thanks to the market need, was now ready to get a tech upgrade. 

The potential for it to be a leading user friendly product needed to be tapped into. 

and thus the research began...

• 3000+ Service Feedback Across Four Markets
• Review of 1000+ Chat Transcripts
• Watched 1200+ User Session Replay Videos
• Click Maps and Customer Route Map Development 
• Keyword Analysis for SEO – Review of SEO Guidelines
• Tech Stack Evaluation
• Personal Feedback from Stakeholders Across the Organization
• Analysis of Competitors – Their Service Offering, Pitch and Packaging
• UX Evaluation of Top 5 Competitors

Key Insights

All the insights were segregated into what the users look for before deciding to transact and after they start the process. While sifting through the insights, these are the recurring themes that provided the direction for the website to be built in. 

User needs to understand the business model


The user has to answer a lot of questions


There should be a clear distinction between the process of getting a quote and placing an order.

Since the users may be new, they need to undertand the processes before they can make an order. This is evident with the very high traffic going to the "About Us" page. 
Additionally, they also need to be convinced that Editage is a brand to trust. 


Currently we ask the users a lot of questions which we should either automatically find out, or not ask during order submission. Everything pertaining to remarketing should be asked after the order is placed, especially for the new client.

Placing an order is the next logical step to getting a quote. This will help us understand and analyze form dropouts better and also enhance the prospect collection base.
On the website, we need to inform the user enough to be able to want a quote. 

Hello Editage 2.0: Designing for trust  


With thes learnings, it was clear that the users needed to trust Editage to be their partner and this trust will have to be earned in case of new clients. 
Apart from that, we needed to cover these: 

• Communicate clearly about Editage's offerings. Give enough information for the user to make a decision. 
• Make it easy for users to find what they need; A simpler user flow
• Clearly talk (be bold and assertive) about Editage's quality and guarantee. 
• Should look global/ international yet appeal to the local audience.

The revamped website 

editage 2.0.jpg

A new and refresh approach to Editage 2.0 that prioritises what the users are looking for while the visuals match those of international websites - ones that can be customised for each market. 

How did we establish "Trust"?

1. Bespoke market Images

The first thing you see - every homepage has an image of a person representing the enthnicity of the authors, looking at the user for better connection and providing a visual break to what would otherwise become dull. 

These images are carefully chosen to not be in a cold lab setting with the obvious stock image indoor lighting but as natural as they can get while representing the markets they are in.  

China hp.jpg
2. Voice & tone

Our authors read. 
This is an insight we have established over time looking at user videos and some data. Our authors want to know more and understand the process. They are not in a hurry - afterall, it's thier researches at stake. While they are expected to read so much content, we want to sound less transactional and more conversational with our focus on being their "partners". We have carefully chosen words that are warm and friendly like "publication journey", " support", "collaborating" and more thorough out the website. 

forging relationships.png
3. Social proofing.

Letting the numbers speak for themselves. 
Editage has helped 50,000+ authors so far and continues to grow every day. When the numbers are impressive, why not leverage them to attract the users? 

social proofing.png
4. Editage promise emblem 

Reassurance = Trust 
That's what we intended to do with our stamp of Editage promise for all our offerings. 
This is repeated everywhere to remind the user their documents are in safe hands and nudge them to order based on these promises. 

Editage promise .png
5. Color

Color is an understated language but can make a big difference.  
It was important for us to maintain international standards to let the user know it's a global firm and we understand and cover every subject area. How do we establish that via color? We played on the most neutral color - blue but choose a bright hue to make it stand out. If "Get Quote" is what you see first, we have a win win situation.  

6. Font

Lastly, the font. 
font's is not something the users conciously call out but it helps establish a mood as much as colors and images. 
We chose the famous Gilroy to serve as an identity of being updated, contemporary and warm. 
Lato serves as a functional font for the smaller spaces and large quantities of text. 


This was just a glimpse into a very large project that ran over months and will continue to be enhanced as we learn more about the users who keep surprising us. 
If you want to hear more stories of the surprises, let's connect.
You can check the latest versions here: 
• Website in English -
• Japanese Website -
• Chinese Website -