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Product Designer 


The challenge of finding the sweet spot between the business needs & the user’s needs is what gets me excited and that is where I thrive.

Hi, I am Vidhi Shah.
Please to have you drop by my work. 

I have 8+ years of experience, starting off as a graphic designer slowly transitioning into the digital world, and now designing a product & heading a team. 

I enjoy defining the user's experience as much as mentoring and teaching young designers and watching them grow. I believe that the impact that a successful team can have is unparalleled to an individual contribution. 

The other part of my soul gets lit up when I travel to places I have never been before, eat food I have never tasted, go to the mountains that make me feel small or dive into the deepest waters that make me feel calm. 

Connect with me for future opportunities or to discuss open-ended ideas over a cup of coffee -- something I rarely say no to.


Connect with me at

+91 9820258476

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