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Quick app concept 

The closet 

It's 2018 and almost every second task we do, an app aids us in it. So why not have an app tell us what to wear? 

Here is an app that does just that.


It helps you decide what to wear without you having to physically scan through your clothes or try it on or even spent time ironing something you wore just a week before! Shuffle for combinations, decide your colour combinations and save one for later. With a wave of people wearing the same work outfits so that they don't spend time on it, this might hit a sweet spot of needs. 

Areas of expertise: Product design, User experience, User interface, Prototyping  |   Year: 2018  |  Time spent: 1 Day. 


Personalising this space with relevant offers is will be a winner.


Save your fav combinations, browse from separates and spend less time planning! 


Put your complete look together & the app will always boost your confidence! 

In the future, with the help of machine learning and AI, it can even get smart enough to warn you against making bad closet decisions!



Looks like a lot of influencers will love this app... won't they? 

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